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Utherverse Red Light Center Review

Utherverse was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada back in 2002 and as of early 2010 had more than 5 million users worldwide, including Canadians. In 2010, Utherverse released the Virtual World Web (VWW) which allows travel between Utherworlds which could end up containing thousands of separate virtual worlds which you can access using 'transport centers'. Utherverse is the main competitor to Second Life with one distinct difference: Utherverse is an adult virtual world - must be 18 and over to play. Silly minor, this game is for grow-ups!


The Red Light Center is the focus of this review and is a game that you download to access the 3D virtual environment creating your own sexy Avatar (virtual character). The Red Light Center tag line is "EXPAND Your Fantasy". Red Light Center is modeled after Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The Utherverse online community site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theaters and stores. This is an Adult game, there is age verification to make sure you are 18 and a payment is involved to get to VIP status where the real fun begins. Paying a small fee to access an adults only network makes sense as minors who steal mom or dad's credit card to sign-up won't last too long even if they do get past all the tight security measures.


Relax, you won't be entering the dark side of social networking,
instead you will find a community of real people telling real stories.


Visit Utherverse Adult Virtual WorldPersonally, we think that using your credit card to sign up and paying to use the network is a great way to get rid of minors all the while keeping serious folks around who want and seek the company of other like minded adults. The community is really large, active and participates on everything from discussion forums to volunteering in the virtual world. Yes you can even get involved in creating the virtual world or Utherworld you live in by becoming a host or guide.


Like most online virtual games, the Red Light Center has a system of trade that involves a virtual currency known as 'Rays' that can be used for a variety of different things. You can earn rays by logging in, viewing videos, upload a picture, rate a picture, view a profile, rate a profile, rate a blog, post a blog entry and you even earn particles of rays (.05) every time someone views your profile. You are also free to buy and sell Rays or even exchange them for real money in the form of US dollars or if you prefer, auction your Rays on eBay. The rate is always posted in the marketplace. Did I mention that:


You Can Make Money Using Red Light Center!


Hot Tip: The virtual currency at Red Light Center are called Rays. You can earn extra Rays by entering lots of contests. You can also earn Rays for volunteering and hanging out in the lobby or transportation area (more people will see you and take a look at your profile).


Utherverse has a very active and involved community. If you are like most swingers you enjoy browsing the site and using chat but you've surely never done it in a 3D world before! There are sites where you can upload your Utherverse videos and they will pay you for it in Rays. How about a site that contains a user driver newspaper for the Utherverse community. Since this is a Canadian site we noticed that there are plenty of Canadian folks using the Utherverse social network. And yes (OUI) for our French friends there is a large community of French users as well as French websites dedicated exclusively to Utherverse.


Now the question that has been eating at you all along, can we have sex in Utherverse? Here's the answer from the folks at Utherverse, and I quote:

"Yes you can have sex in Utherverse and yes that’s why a lot of people sign up, however that part is maybe 5% of what really goes on in this deep underground of social networking. You can chat with people, swim, skate, dance, explore, sing (special karaoke events that lets anyone sing in front of whoever shows up) find a life partner, get married... and the list goes on."


Conclusion: We searched for Canadians using the network and found several pages of users from Canada online at the time of our sampling. There were sexy folks from all the provinces so it will not be hard to meet other Canuck for a little virtual sex. Red Light Center is worth getting an account if you want to be part of a community and enjoy chatting on social networks. I can't stress it enough that there are no minors on this site... only 18 and older allowed: it's an adult community - that should be enough to convince you to give it a try!


Red Light Center Virtual World for Adult Swingers

Review: Utherverse Red Light Center
Review Date: March 2011


Utherverse Inc. is also Utherverse Digital Inc., Utherworld, Virtual World Web, VWW, Red Light Center, Rude Virtual, Virtual Vancouver, Metaverse