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Sybian Ultimate Masturbation Machine Review

Before you get to reading the review I want to warn you about the cost up front and get that out of the way! The machine itself is built to last a lifetime and can easily be rented out to any swingers club or lifestyle hotel / house party for $100 a day or more with a 2 day minimum rental to increase profits and cover week-ends. If there are no Sybians in your local area, you could have quite a nice side business just renting out your sex machine when not in use. Another option to help make the Sybian more affordable if it's out of your price range, is to go half and half with other swingers and setup some kind of time share system. Better yet, hold Sybian parties and be the envy of all your horizontal friends.


Sybian with remote controlHow the maker of Sybian describes his sex machine: "The Sybian provides you the opportunity to be a consistently orgasmic woman. Sybian is a breakthrough in design. It has two separate movements. The Vaginal Insert rotates within the vagina and the entire area which contacts the vulva vibrates, as does the vaginal insert. Separate controls allow independent regulation of vibration and rotation over a wide range of speeds. Simulated intercourse with Sybian provides simultaneous, intense stimulation of both the clitoris (external area) and the Grafenberg Spot (internal area). A provocative development for the sensually adventurous. Built to provide a lifetime of pleasure".


Need proof that it works? Check out the Sybian Testimonials section.
Sybian owner proudly displays the words SYBIAN on his license plate! 


Sybian is for women, as well as couples: There is a section on the Sybian website that I fear doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. It's called Inventor's Thoughts, it lists a multitude of great tips and advice on how to best use the Sybian. The section is entitled "Videos and DVDs Portray Sybian in Wrong Light!" Since you are most likely reading this review as a couple, the description shows that even couples can get a lot of benefit by using the Sybian correctly. Let's hear it from the inventor himself: "I have always thought that using the Sybian is something a couple does together in an intimate embrace. We ship a stool with every unit and the purpose of the stool is for the partner to sit on it, facing the user, with their legs wrapped around her and sitting bare skin to bare skin with their arms around each other. In this position the partner can kiss, caress, massage, whisper encouragement, control the unit and give support. This said, it is not always best that the partner be present when a woman is using the Sybian for the first few times. Some women prefer trying it by their self in the beginning. It gives them an opportunity to experiment, set their own pace and not to feel pressured to perform. I suggest that all partners make this offer. When she is ready, the user will invite you to participate."


Hot Tip: Sybian inserts should never be stored in physical contact with any other sex toys or dildo's due to a chemical reaction that might occur and cause materials to melt and / or deform. Sybian parts will be the victim of this chemical reaction, not the cause.


Discrete Shipping is Standard Procedure: When you order a sex toy in the mail always there is the worry of someone finding out how that you are a sexual deviant. The Sybian is no different and ships in a plain brown cardboard box with the name of the company on it 'Abco Research Associates'. Even your credit card charge will simply appear as 'Deluxe Exercise Machine' so anyone that gets a-hold of the shipping box or your credit card bill will be sufficiently fooled and not be aware of your plans for an on-going session of multiple orgasm seeking experiences!


Who should buy a Sybian? The most obvious use of this sex machine would be in your home as a stress reliever, multi orgasm generator, marriage saviour, sex life enhancer and so on... While researching the list of swingers clubs for Swingaling I did not come across one single website that listed a Sybian as a benefit to becoming a member. If I was a swingers club owner I certainly would not be leaving that kind of cash on the table... if you need to stand out from the competition, look no further: Sybian attracts crowds! Hotel take-overs, swingers conventions, house parties, resort take-overs... all these lifestyle events could add value to their parties by featuring a Sybian. Need to raise funds for your non-profit lifestyle organization and your usual grand prize doesn't sell tickets? Try offering a Sybian prize package and your biggest concern will be running out of tickets to sell.


Hot Tip: Did you know that the Sybian can help with headaches and stress?


Conclusion: The Sybian has been offering incredible orgasms for well over 20 years now. Many sex machines have come and gone since then, but Sybian remains the one true sex toy that has the stuff that legends are made of. Who can forget Carmen Electra trying out the Sybian for the first time on the Howard Stern show. Whenever a Sybian makes it's appearance at a local swingers club, you can be sure that you will have a full house that night. I am certain most swingers have heard of the Sybian, maybe even seen one at their local swingers club, but when the real thing comes to town, it's got the ability to attract real sexy crowds. Consider adding the Sybian to your sex toy arsenal, you won't regret it.


 Sybian the ultimate in female sexual stimulation

Review: Sybian for women
Review Date: March 2011


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