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Spingasm Swingers Sex Toy Review

The SpinGasm sex toy is a spinning machine not just designed for swingers. It will help you 'spin' your way to an orgasm. This hand held unit has a spinning head that fits a multitude of attachments (including the FleshLight) that allow swinging women to rub it on their genitals or spin inside with the use of a dildo attachment. For men, you can attach specials sleeves or if you are already a Fleshlight owner, you can buy an attachment to use with SpinGasm. Of course it's rechargeable and should last around four hours so both of you can take your time exploring all the attachments and even have enough power left for a second round with your other swingers friends.


SpingGasm Super Deluxe Couples UnitAccording to my research, there is a small learning curve involved in using the SpinGasm. There are many buttons that you should learn and it's not like a typical sex toy. Some buttons make it go faster, some make it spin in a different direction, it's just a little over complicated at first since you are excited about using the product and then you get lost in a sea of unknown buttons. The word on the street is to try it at least three times before you find your groove, then it's like riding a bicycle, you will be an expert SpinGasm user for life.


As one happy male user puts it: "The sensation was ridiculous,
I came in less than one minute... it was amazing!".


Users of the Fleshlight have been combining it with SpinGasm for quite a long time and the verdict is that the motor has plenty of power, the battery lasts a long time (hours). It spins, it has a motor so it will not be quiet, but it's hard to hear the SpinGasm through a closed door. There are plenty of options for speed and control so you can find just the right setting that works for you. Some users have even reported building a fixture so they can use their SpinGasm hands-free.

SpinGasm Tip: If you are going to use the Fleshlight attachment, be sure to lube it well, including the face of the Fleshlight so the spinning doesn't rip out your pubic hair, oh and watch the speed.


SpinGasm in the movies you say? You can't go wrong when there is even a xxx film that features the SpinGasm as the main plot line. "Holly Kiss and The SpinGasm" was released in 2011 by the Femorg studio and has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The movie description says it well: "This is like a vibrator on steroids! The SpinGasm literally spins in a circular motion to bring the user to new heights in ecstasy!"

SpinGasm Tip: Sex In A Can is much shorter than the Fleshlight so it's way easier to use with the SpinGasm. However, there are many happy Fleshlight users that recommend SpinGasm.


Conclusion: The SpinGasm has enormous orgasmic potential. The price may scare you, but you need to know that the SpinGasm works as advertised, is built to last and has a 30 day return policy. As far as we can tell, there are no complaints of problems with SpinGasm units, they are well built with strong motors. The feedback is always the same, men rush out and purchase the SpinGasm then the lady in his life takes a turn and has a mind blowing orgasm... they both wondered where this product has been for their entire lives. As swingers looking for the next level of sexual fun, SpinGasm is a hot buy...


We recommend Spingasm for a new spin on masturbation

Review: Spingasm
Review Date: March 2011


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