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Lifestyle Party / Swingers Conventions Lifestyle Party and Swingers Convention Directory

The lifestyle party section is really difficult to keep updated due to the need for swingers privacy! Many lifestyle groups that hold swingers conventions or lifestyle hotel take-overs usually will only advertise on one or two swingers websites, if that. What tends to happen is that the same people usually go to the same parties due to lack of getting the word out.

This is where you come in! All the listings are free, but we need to know about them so if your favourite swingers group is planning a get together, please consider submitting it to be displayed here. Your lifestyle group will benefit by getting more exposure and visitors to this site will benefit by getting more swingers party options than they can handle... that's the dream anyway.


Lifestyle Conventions and Party Directory:


Swingfest @ Miami Beach - July 7-10, 2011

Love Voodoo Loco Latin Week @ Hedo II - May 1-8, 2011

Circus Erotica Week @ Hedo II - May 14-21, 2011

Big on the Beach @ Hedo II - June 12-19, 2011

4th of July Celebration @ Hedo II - July 2-9, 2011

Colorful Fantasies @ Hedo II - July 10-17, 2011

Labor Day Party @ Hedo II - Sept 3-10, 2011

Pre-Halloween Party @ Hedo II - Oct 8–15, 2011

New Year's Bash @ Hedo II - Dec 27, 2011–Jan 2, 2012

Swinging In The New Year @ Hedo II - Jan 2–7, 2012

Lifestylers Wild Week @ Hedo II - Jan 7–14, 2012

Lifestylers Party Week @ Hedo II - Jan 14–21, 2012

Lifestylers Burlesque Week @ Hedo II - Jan 21–28, 2012

Swingercast Group @ Desire Riviera Maya - 2011 April 3-10, 2011

Cinco de Mayo @ Desire Riviera Maya - April 30-May 7, 2011

Independence Day Celebration @ Desire Riviera Maya - July 2-9, 2011

Club Manor Week @ Desire Riviera Maya - Aug 13-20, 2011

SexxyMofo Week @ Desire Riviera Maya - Oct 8-15, 2011

Vampires & Virgins Halloween Party @ Desire Riviera Maya - Oct 28-Nov 4, 2011

Pleasure Fest @ Desire Riviera Maya - Nov 12-19, 2011

Thanksgiving @ Desire Riviera Maya - Nov 19-26, 2011

March Madness Week @ Caliente Caribe - March 26-April 2, 2011

Club Meet4More Freak-A-Way Trip @ Caliente Caribe - July 6-11, 2011

Swingin' in the Dominican with Club Swing @ Caliente Caribe - July 11-18, 2010

Desire Week @ Temptation Los Cabos - May 3-8, 2011

Desire Week @ Temptation Los Cabos - Sept 13-18, 2011

Desire Week @ Temptation Los Cabos - Oct 27-Nov 1, 2011

Resort Takeover @ Ceiba del Mar - April 29 - May, 6, 2011

Spanish Heat Resort Takeover @ Spice - Oct 1-8, 2011

Get-A-Way Group Spring Houseboat Trip @ Lake Mead - May 11-16, 2011

Naughty in N'Awlins Swingers Convention @ Bourbon Street - July 5-10, 2011

Pre-Cruise Party @ Paradise Lakes - April 22-25, 2011

SDC Sexy Ski Event @ Salzburg, Austria - Nov 29-Dec 4, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut @ Montreal - Fall 201? (No dates announced yet)



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Lifestyle Party / Swingers Conventions Cities for Lifestyle Swingers: Circus Erotica, 4th of July Celebration, Labor Day Party, Pre-Halloween Party, New Year's Bash, Swinging in the New Year, Lifestylers Wild Week, Lifestylers Party Week, Lifestylers Burlesque Week, Swingercast Group, Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Cinco De Mayo Party, Los Cabos Fall Getaway, Cabo Haunting Resort Take-Over, Independence Day at Desire Celebration with Texas Players Club, Club Manor Week, SexxyMofo Week, Vampires and Virgins Halloween Party, Pleasure Fest, Thanksgiving, March Madness Week, Club Meet4More Freak-A-Way Trip, Swingin' in the Dominican with Club-Swing, Desire Week, Resort Takeover, Get-A-Way Group Spring Houseboat Trip, Naughty in N'Awlins Swingers Convention, Spanish Heat Resort Takeover, Pre-Cruise Party, SDC Amore in Summer, SDC Sexy Ski Event, SDC Amore in Winter, Swinging in Mallorca, Swinging in Los Cabos, SDC on the Atlantic, SDC in the Sol, SDC en Primavera, Sexperience, SDC in Ibiza, SDC Cap Take Over, Le Jardin d'Eden, Le Jardin de Babylone, Week 43, kasidie Takeover, World Largest Nude Wedding, Temptations in Desire Group Trip, Singles @ Spice, Lifestyle Confidential Invasion, Travel Naked Full Lifestyle Takeover!, A Summer Heat Event, Bare Bottom Bunch, Erotic Eco Tour, Whistler Cornucopia, LLive, Winter Getaway, Naughty in Nawlins, Couples Fest in Key West, French Connection, Colorful Fantasies, LoveVoodoo Fest, Goddess Week, Big on the Beach, Lifestyle Week, Pleasure Burlesque, Jamaican Booze Crew, Men of Dream, LoveVoodoo Loco, Sohe 2, Wet Wild and Wicked, Moments II, Spice Me