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DR Nights Adult Sex Vacation Resort

You probably came here wondering what is an adult sex vacation, who is DR Nights? Go to a tropical island (Dominican Republic), add warm Caribbean waters, sexy ladies, golf and cigars and you've got DR Nights. All your needs are met with all you can eat terrific food, all you can drink top shelf liqueur and all the companionship you can handle. DR Nights offers just this kind of experience and claims that this just might be the best vacation you will ever take. No, there isn't a doctor in the house, in the Dominican Republic, the locals simply call it DR. Therefore, the short version of Dominican Republic Nights is DR Nights.


Dominican Republic Adult Sex Vacations offered at DR Nights ResortTo get to DR Nights adult sex resort, you will be flying about 1 hour from Miami or 2 1/2 hours from New York City. You will arrive in Punta Cana (airport code: PUJ). Since DR Nights has two locations on the island, you may also fly into Puerto Plata (airport code: POP). Travel to the Dominican Republic is relatively inexpensive where an all-inclusive stay at a popular resort on the beach with airfare can cost as little as $600. When you tour the resort, you will notice it is a very nice place complete with clubs, bars, restaurants, hot tub and pools. This would be a fantastic place to vacation even without the added benefit of a companion of your choosing.


The first thing I always do when checking out a business for review is the legitimacy and professionalism. DR Nights is no different than any other business, except they specialize in adult sex vacations in the Dominican Republic. You can reserve your vacation online, make a long distance call (no toll-free number) and pay for your vacation using your Visa or Mastercard and they even take Discover and American Express as well. You can keep up on what's happening at the resort and the site by signing up to the newsletter or you can chat with a sales person directly on the website. DR Nights has physical offices in two locations: Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. If you prefer, for a fee, you can arrange to have the girl(s) delivered to alternate locations on the island.


Here's how they describe themselves: DR Nights, the most upscale adult vacation resort in the Caribbean. Your Adult Vacation Package begins on arrival. We pick you up with two Beautiful Companions , your choice of beverage and cigar (pre-chosen while booking). We then make our way over to DR Nights reception area to kick off your arrival party. We will line up 15-30 Girls for you to choose from, each girl will introduce herself and offer a quick lap dance. After the reception party, we will check you in and your adult vacation is officially underway. Speaking of Dominican Republic companions, all of the girls are beautiful, young, fun and very intimate... they understand the girlfriend experience (GFE) and will treat you like a king! Some companions speak English, some better than others and most speak Spanish. If you aren't getting along with your companion, just let them know and you will be free to find a better match for your personality. When you are not occupied with bedroom activities, your companion can offer some dance lessons or a massage and even some basic Spanish lessons. It is said that most clients are quite happy to share their vacation with the same companion(s) for the entire stay.


Hot Tip: When the resort processes a charge on your credit card, the account may get suspended due to the bank fearing that someone has stolen your card. As an experienced traveler, I suggest that you should notify your bank of your travel plans and that you will be out of the country so they don't become paranoid about "mysterious" foreign charges. Additionally, while you are speaking with the bank representative, ask them for a list of banks in the Dominican Republic that are on the same network.


All DR Nights Adult Sex Vacation Resort packages include:

  • Airport Transfer where 2 girls will greet you
  • Complimentary cocktails & cigar upon arrival
  • Reception party where you will meet all the girls
  • Personal guide and activities coordinator
  • Caribe Suite or Platinum Suite
  • Private Beach with butler service
  • Private Lounge / Entertainment
  • Non-Motorized Water Sports
  • Premium International Drinks
  • All-Inclusive Resort (Food & Drink)
  • Gratuity included in package price


What really makes DR Nights different from other sex resorts is the private members area. Members get access to videos of the girls in full 1080p HD, access to private galleries, ability to see and pre-select companions, view additional girls not displayed in the public picture gallery, view multiple photos of each DR Nights Companion, each girl has her own gallery. As a paid member, you can also view and book the 5 diamond package.


Hot Tip: A DR Nights customer reports that the forms on the website require specific information that might not match your situation and their computer won't process a reservation until all boxes are filled so enter n/a as required. A credit card will be required to process a deposit (unless you have worked with them before). A photocopy of your credit card and passport will be required so the credit card company don't question the transaction.


Prostitution in the Dominican Republic: I debated a long time before writing this review due to the nature of this business but the fact is that prostitution is legal in the DR and there is a market for this kind of resort. Having been to Hedonism in Jamaica a couple times and being told that staff will get fired if they are found in rooms or any off limits guest area. That sounded like a challenge we were more than happy to put to the test. Hedo staff put on the sex appeal but as far as we can tell nobody in our large group got any action from any staff members. One night, walking between the dining area and our room we spotted the hottest couple you've ever seen practically begging a staff member to join them in their room. Their selling point? Come on, it's our last night! This staff member was having none of it, probably preferring to keep his job rather than enjoy one night of pure sexual bliss. Some folks aren't pleased with just plain couple swapping, they want something exotic, they want locals.


You would not be the only couple wanting to go away on holiday and know for sure you will be able to fulfill a few fantasies with a companion or two or three. Of course that all depends on your personal tastes when it comes to having threesomes or group sex. Going to a sex resort in the Dominican Republic is a sure fire way to get what you seek. Check out DR Nights


First, let's review the prostitution laws in Canada: Prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) is legal, but organized activities such as brothels and pimping are illegal; prostitution is not regulated.


The prostitution laws in the United States couldn't be more different: Each state has the power to decide whether or not prostitution is legal there. In all but one U.S. state, prostitution is illegal and usually classified as a misdemeanor. Nevada is the only state that allows licensed brothels, but only in some parts of the state. Interestingly and contrary to popular belief, all forms of prostitution are illegal in Clark County which contains Las Vegas and its metropolitan area. To visit a brothel, you will have to leave the city lights behind.


Now the information you really wanted to read but were too scared to ask: Prostitution is illegal in most Caribbean destinations, but there are two notable exceptions: the Dutch Caribbean islands and the Dominican Republic. Let me say that again in case you are doubtful: in the Dominican Republic, prostitution is legal and regulated. However, it is illegal for a third party to derive financial gain from prostitution. It is said that the government usually does not enforce prostitution laws. Additionally, Bonaire, St. Maarten and Curacao all have legal brothels; the biggest of which has been in business for over half a century.


DR Nights complies with local laws and makes every effort to keep you safe in the Dominican Republic. They take security very seriously, this includes screening all companions for health and police records. They keep all Id's on file with the local police and as part of their licensing requirements, keep a clean bill of health certificate on file. All companion documents are made available for inspection by a guest upon request.


Is this really legit or just another one of those "too good to be true" offers? I know that's what you are thinking and they know you might have a hard time believing so the offer is "no credit card required... pay cash on arrival". DR Nights invites you to come down and take a look for yourself. Once you are convinced (and you will be), you pay and start enjoying your vacation right away.


After searching for more information over the course of several days, it became apparent that information about adult sex resorts would be hard to locate. Not to mention the fact that most clients prefer to remain anonymous. After an exhaustive search of discussion forums and blog comments, I was able to find eight testimonials about DR Nights that offered some added first-hand information about the sex resort. One thing that became apparent is the blatant self-promotion these kind of resorts employ to advertise their services.. .these kind of testimonials (where it's obvious self-promotion) have been omitted from the testimonials listed below. I have removed the names to protect the identity of the authors and fixed spelling mistakes and what not... I hope you understand my need to do so. The last one says it all.


Testimonials for DR Nights from past vacationers:


Testimonial 1: DR Nights is the most amazing resort ever and I *will* get back once again to escape the pressures of work and have the best vacation any person could ever dream of.


Testimonial 2: I was at DR Nights Exotic Resort with my husband, I definitely recommend them, they are couple friendly.


Testimonial 3: Having been to several resorts, I have to go with DR Nights. I only had about 7 girls for selection at {Resort Name Removed}, DR Nights presented 30 girls. I would also rather a beach front resort, so DR Nights gets my vote.


Testimonial 4: Second trip to DR Nights Adult Sex Vacation Resort. To the staff, thanks for the great stay. My three companions were great! My stay was too short a time. I know better for next time. Mark and Andres, you were both very supportive and helpful, thank you!


Testimonial 5: I was in the Dominican Republic and have been to many sex resorts. All well worth the money except {Resort Name Removed} I would pass, the girls just were not that friendly. DR Nights & {Resort Name Removed} have to be my favorites, if I had to pick between the two, I would go with DR Nights, as I prefer a beach front resort.


Testimonial 6: Have spoken to Marc, the reservations director, on the phone. You fly into Punta Cana airport and their main resort is on the Eastern end of the island. DR Nights has a section reserved just for you on the North end of the beach. You can pick from various all-inclusive packages that go from the basic to maximal fantasy. They are opening office in other parts of the island as well and we found them to be very professional.


Testimonial 7: I went down to the Caribbean for a little rest and relaxation on a great beach front. DR Nights adult sex vacation resort also has beautiful European, Russian and Dominican companions. Also consists of golf course, fishing, casino and more.


Testimonial 8: DR Nights lived up to their hype and I couldn't be happier.


DR Nights Adult Sex Vacation Resort in the Dominican Republic

 Review: DR Nights
Review Date: March 2011


Conclusion: The Hollywood blockbuster movie "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" shows a comical view of sex tourism for women in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic included. Some women travel to the islands with the intention of seeking out a holiday fling with a local man. And the fact is that local men are more than willing to accommodate them in exchange for gifts or money. The adult sex resort industry of the Dominican Republic allows women to have these experiences in a safe, controlled environment. DR Nights offers male or female companions and they have a special couples package just for those like us, that like to share their sex partners. This resort is couple / swinger friendly... Book Your Trip Now!



DR. Nights (Dominican Republic Nights) offers legal adult exotic sex vacations. You will find many other sex vacation resorts in the Dominican Republic that offer what appears to be similar vacations than DR Nights. Don't be fooled and asked yourself if you want to stay at a ocean front resort or some shady villa somewhere in the middle of the island with no beach in sight. Dominican Republic Adult Sex Vacations we researched to write this review include: Charlie's Angels, Oxygen Retreat, Satisfaction Plus Adult Vacations, Vikings, Tour 69 Adult Vacation's Resort Villas and Condos, Taboo Villas, Carib Escort, Secret Gardens, Global Fantasies, Mike Smith, Exotic Retreat, Total Satisfaction Adult Holidays, Erotic Exotic Travel, Alexis Club, Temptation Resort, Blue Paradise, Red Diamond Girls, Men Sexclusive, Dominican Adult Vacation, Sex Vacation in Dominican Republic, Dominican Sex Vacation.