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Swingers Club Owners / Lifestyle Party Organizers Swingers Club Owners Lifestyle Party Organizers Advertise List is now offering swing clubs all over Canada and international lifestyle destinations the opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. You need to make sure that your party details can be accessed by all lifestyle couples, singles, other club owners, lifestyle publications and swingers websites. Let your listing stand out by advertising with


Almost every swing club or lifestyle party has a website but most don't have the knowledge, resources and time to advertise their site. Even with a website, potential members still need to find you, and trust us, most clubs are really hard to find unless you know what to look for. Try this, type 'swingers club cityname' (change swingers to your club name and city name to your well you get it don't you?) and see if your club listing comes up. If it doesn't show up in the first couple of pages, and I suspect it won't then you are losing potential new members each and every week-end. Unless of course, you are doing costly advertising to provide a mailing or online address, many potential participants have no idea you exist and are unaware of your parties and special events.


WE HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU! makes it easy for swing club owners upgrade their listing in our directory. The first thing we will do is remove the advertising on the top of your club listing page and replace it with your banner. The next thing and this is one of the most important is that the link to your website will be added below your banner and will be active. Right now, there is a link to your site but it cannot be clicked. Guess what, most people don't know how to copy/paste so they might not visit your swingers website... are you willing to let another potential member go to your competition? Next we can add a form right on your listing page as well so customers don't have to go anywhere to contact you. The best part is that your listing will be ready for exposure to national lifestyle media and potential members will know be impressed by your superior listing.


Until now, swing club owners had to stay in contact with multiple websites and lifestyle publications to try and reach as many swingers as possible. Now swing club owners can concentrate on running their business and let us worry about getting the word out to the national media, people in your area, and those traveling to your area. That's right... from your home computer... with no programming skills... you can improve your chances of getting new members every week.


Once your listing is upgraded, share this information with your membership and you should increase your event attendance as they will pass on the information to their friends.


It just doesn't get any better than this!

  • Remove Ads From Top of Your Club Listing 
  • Your Club Banner in Listing = Higher Visibility 
  • Live Link To Your Website = More Traffic / Better SEO
  • Your Club Listing Promoted in Swingaling Newsletter 
  • Updated Club Details Get Published Within 24 Hours
  • List Your Big Events For Year Round Promotion

Fill the form and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the low low price of only

$7 CAD/USD per month!! 

That's much less than the cost of one new couple per week...


Sign Up Your Swingers Club or Lifestyle Group and get a new friend with benefits!


Swing club owners will grow their business and lifestyle party organizers
will get the word out faster and with less effort.