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Adult Friend Finder - AFF Review

The FriendFinder network is one of the largest social networking companies. So large in fact that Penthouse now owns the network and they even put in a bid to purchase Playboy. If that wasn't enough, a public IPO was recently delayed due to the financial crisis. How large is the Adult Friend Finder network you ask? How about 445 million users worldwide and most of these members are located outside of the US. If you combine the traffic of all their sites, they get more unique visitors than MySpace or Twitter. 210 thousand folks 'discover' and join their various sites each and every day. With this kind of activity, odds are if you can't find a match today, you will tomorrow or the day after and even next month or next year. That is why they push so hard for you to sign-up and keep active on the site. Lots of users logging in and being active means more people will come.


Join Adult Friend Finder and meet real swingers in your area.Is Adult Friend Finder a scam?
No it is not a scam and no they will not rip you off. However, Adult Friend Finder does use tactics to get new members and keep members that you should know about. We are members of all the largest swingers websites and truth be told, we've met more folks on the Adult Friend Finder network than all of the other networks combined. That's not an exaggeration, that's a fact. The reason is simple, most folks looking for swingers and even sex on the Internet are not going to spend much time looking. Odds are they will pick the first or second add they see. Adult Friend Finder spends bucket loads of cash advertising which is why you see their ads everywhere.


What do you think when you see their ads? Are you curious or just think it's a rip-off site? Possibly both I would suspect, however did you ever think to yourself that if you keep seeing the ads, day after day, month after month, year after year that it must be working? Well, the plain truth is that there are in fact millions of others out there just like you who saw those ads and clicked on them. The difference possibly between you and them is that they signed up and are meeting someone tonight for casual sex. What are you doing tonight besides reading this review of Adult Friend Finder to find out if you should spend your money there.


Adult Friend Finder Tip: When you pay for a gold membership for 12 months, you can get another 6 months for free is you stay active. We've been doing it this way for a few years now and there is no better way to save money on the network than this deal. All you have to do is login once a month, post either on a blog of in a discussion group once a month and a couple other simple tasks again every month for twelve months. We also recommend that if you are going to pay for a membership don't even consider silver, get a gold membership.


What to watch out for:
There are lots of fake profiles, there are solicitations for sex for prostitutes and the worst kind are the tire kickers. The fake profiles are obvious most of the time and usually you keep getting winks and emails from them and then when you spend your money all this action stops. This mostly happens to single male profiles from what we can tell and is used to get you to sign up with either a silver or gold profile. The solicitations are impossible to control since you could agree to meet someone and then get there only to be asked for money. It's never happened to anyone we know and as a matter of fact we've never even heard second hand stories of this happening, but it does happen. The tire kickers are real people who sign up for Adult Friend Finder and think they want to meet someone for sex but never take that step and agree to go from the virtual to the real world. They waste your time, they schedule a meet but don't show up and don't bother to cancel either. It's frustrating at times and you will even walk away swearing to never come back!


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Conclusion: The question is a simple one... will Adult Friend Finder get me sex?
Yes, if you keep at it you will meet real folks who really do want to take their clothes off and have sex with you and perhaps a large group of naked people will want to have sex with you. The longer you spend using Adult Friend Finder the better your odds are at meeting real, sexy people and not all of them would call themselves swingers. By paying for your membership, real members will take you more seriously, you will be able to take full advantage of the sites many features and best of all, you won't have to stare at a tiny little profile picture. Because when you upgrade your account to paid you can view full size pictures and many times some folks will have dozens of sexy pictures for you to look at. You'll get invited to meet and greets, you'll find out about house parties (you should see the mansions we've been in), and at the very least you'll see lots of nude pictures of very real, very sexy people. The trick is to quickly learn to spot the fakes and ignore them while concentrating on the real people and not letting the "no-shows" getting to you. If 10 people waste your time but you meet one nice couple, believe us, the great sex will make you forget about all the time wasters. Recommended!


Swingaling recommends Adult Friend Finder to find swingers in your area. 

Review: Adult Friend Finder
Review Date: March 2011


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